bleachers shadow

It’s summer – time to go out, enjoy the sunshine, drink lots of fluids, and have a good time. Leave your troubles behind and groove to this cheerful, but powerful song. Remember that life is unfair and you’ll never ever, no matter what anyone says, get everything you want from life. But in the end, you’ll have gotten what you needed.

If you’re feeling small, I’ll love your shadow.


cellphones make people flakey as #%@* i only like my croissants flakey

This is a great video about how cellphones make people flakey. I was actually reading an article about walking away from people who cannot and are not able to treat you with respect or act like you ain’t $h!t. This video echoes that sentiment, although it’s focus is mainly on technology and how it jumbles our nature. Of course we are, for the most part, adaptable creatures. We come up with ways to work around these social situations, but does it have to be so hard? I don’t blame technology, but the fact is we need to grow with it and incorporate it in a balanced way. Enjoy the video – more to come on that post I was reading about walking away.


Follow Magazine Soundtrack times change

Follow Magazine Soundtrack: There’s a lot of artistry woven into the video: from the soundtrack to the beat and rhythm. That aside, this juxtaposition is spectacular – delving into what it means to live in this generation. As a dude in his mid-twenties, I’ve seen this all flash before my eyes. In a way, it’s strangely nostalgic, but there’s also a sense of change (whether it’s positive or negative, it’s too soon to say) and there’s also the feeling that hey, maybe this is the catalyst for human evolution and maybe I’m watching it unfold right before my eyes.


Receiving Emotions

“What he does receive are emotions” – the resonating line from the video. This is a perfect example of emotional marketing. If the last part had been cut out, it would have made an impression, but now you’re piggybacking on those emotions to get noticed.

If we pay no attention to the fact that it’s an advert and simply look at the message, it’s really quite beautiful. It matches up perfectly with my own outlook on life. Giving and loving may not pay of in the form of fame or fortune, but in the long run, we receive intangible rewards that are priceless. How do you put a price on emotions? The things that run across all cultures and peoples? It’s what we all have in common and THAT is why this video is so powerful. So, invest in people and receive emotions with open arms.


Shattering Assumptions

After I watched this brief video, I found myself thinking about assumptions, photography, and perspectives. I love when things make me think and I try to read a lot for that purpose and surround myself with thinkers. Nothing quite beats discovering unique perspectives, especially if they are drastically different than your own. Photography is very much perspective based and Aaron does a great job talking about shattering assumptions. Photographing people, things, objects, and places is all about perspective in the artistic sense and in the emotional sense. We’re being taken on an adventure.