the grand seduction remake

grand seductionI went to the Embarcadero Center Cinema in San Francisco yesterday to catch a showing of The Grand Seduction. I like to peruse the film selection at this theater just because most of the films are really good and the theater is quite luxurious. The last couple of times I went to catch films, I was in the big theater, but when I went to watch The Grand Seduction, it was showing in the screening lounge. YES. The reclined seats gave it that pop. The film itself was very entertaining. I had watched the trailer a few weeks beforehand, but it had a certain kind of charm to it. A comedy, yes, but one that doesn’t resort to vulgar insults and jokes. I laughed pretty much the entire time because it was good-natured humor. The location? BEAUTIFUL. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I highly recommend it. That said, after I watched it and did my research, I found out that it’s a remake of the 2003 La grande s√©duction or the English title¬†Seducing Doctor Lewis. It’s an updated, more modern version and it makes me want to watch the original. Here are the trailers:

The original down below: