Receiving Emotions

“What he does receive are emotions” – the resonating line from the video. This is a perfect example of emotional marketing. If the last part had been cut out, it would have made an impression, but now you’re piggybacking on those emotions to get noticed.

If we pay no attention to the fact that it’s an advert and simply look at the message, it’s really quite beautiful. It matches up perfectly with my own outlook on life. Giving and loving may not pay of in the form of fame or fortune, but in the long run, we receive intangible rewards that are priceless. How do you put a price on emotions? The things that run across all cultures and peoples? It’s what we all have in common and THAT is why this video is so powerful. So, invest in people and receive emotions with open arms.


Shattering Assumptions

After I watched this brief video, I found myself thinking about assumptions, photography, and perspectives. I love when things make me think and I try to read a lot for that purpose and surround myself with thinkers. Nothing quite beats discovering unique perspectives, especially if they are drastically different than your own. Photography is very much perspective based and Aaron does a great job talking about shattering assumptions. Photographing people, things, objects, and places is all about perspective in the artistic sense and in the emotional sense. We’re being taken on an adventure.


Penny For Your Thoughts

I’ve been trying real hard to express this for a while. I remember telling someone this twice, but we never reached any sort of understanding. Gemineye does this beautifully. Sometimes you really like someone’s mind; someone’s inside. It becomes really important.


Veteran’s Transformation

This powerful and inspirational time-lapse shows the transformation of a homeless veteran. Not only does it make a statement toward the cause, but it also echoes some of the points I’ve made previously on this blog. The transformation is not only impressive – it is life-changing. All this happened through outward looks, which goes to prove that we do judge books by their covers. We do it all the time, even though we know we shouldn’t.



So what’s the deal with this video of a girl in Hong Kong slapping the crap out of her boyfriend? I watched the video in its entirety and cringed every other second. My first question: how the heck does this end up on Youtube in the first place? I went ahead and read some of the comments on the video and wow – just wow. I don’t think this guy signed up for all this criticism when he was kneeling there.

This video serves as a great tool for teaching sociology. First off, there appears to be a massive cultural difference. I suspect that the majority of commenters on this video are from the U.S. or individualistic countries and not collectivist countries. Most Asian cultures are drastically different than what we’re used to. The collective imperative to keep the peace and abide by the laws is powerful. That pressure to conform is great and above all else.

Alright, what about in terms of gender? It was a girl beating a dude up. How would the comments have changed if it was a boy beating on a girl? I’m sure they would have been more aggressive, angry, and outraged. No matter how you look at it, this video is documenting abuse; and a very public one at that. I cringed because of how hard he was being beat and the length of the beating. I have to give it to him – this guy is very, very patient. We don’t get much talk about the abuse of men, even though it happens. It is mostly emotional abuse, but in the video, it’s physical. Yet who do we blame? The majority of commenters still lay blame on the male for displaying qualities that are uncharacteristically “feminine”, as if females are expected to be submissive. Youtubers are essentially blaming him for not standing up for himself; another construct of individualistic societies.

Lastly, what were the bystanders doing? Mainly walking by or watching this all unfold and go on. No one seemed too eager to get involved until the latter part of the video. By then, people had seen enough. One after another, they offered advice and their opinions.

Anyway – just a few thoughts I had while watching the video.