Ready to eat

Place SettingThis was actually a test shot and the first shot of the day for me. I just needed to calibrate my white balance and settings for manual. This is the beautiful place setting at Nettie’s Crab Shack in San Francisco. To me, the most beautiful thing about this picture is the natural butcher paper. I did manage to get my settings all down pat, but after I imported this picture in, I liked the shadows and light. Black and white. It’s all thanks to our seats near the window with natural light coming through. Natural light is the best light. Ready to eat.



HollowI like black and white photography. Although I’m using a digital SLR, I still love the feel of B&W as well as sepia pictures. As you might know, I love coffee and I go to great lengths to find new places to try out. This picture is of Hollow Cafe in San Francisco. I love their logo and how those planters look out front. It’s a pretty dainty place with great coffee and various items for sale. Just take a look at that lamp and you should get a feel of the interior. If you’re still curious, visit the joint yourself.

1435 Irving St., San Francisco, CA 94122




Clear WaterI went tidepooling and I was amazed. I’m used to some pretty dirty water and so when I heard that there was a place where I could see seals and pockets of stagnant water with other life in it, I was overjoyed. I hopped into my truck and headed down to Moss Beach and went to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. I spent an entire day there just walking the beautiful beaches and looking at all the aquatic animals in the pools. I’m guessing it is the natural filtering processes in the tidepools that makes the water so clear. I focused the camera through the water and at the pebbles. The little ripples in the water came from the tide coming in and out, being buffered by all sorts of rocks and plants. Just beautiful! I recommend you get out there yourself if you get a chance. If you can’t get there, find your closest tidepool site and go.

200 Nevada Ave., San Francisco, CA 94038
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TaxiI’ve always been a strong advocate for experimentation, especially in things that hold up well to it. Photography, for example, is one where trial and error and playing around just for the heck of it yields interesting results all on its own. This photo can be considered an “error”, but somehow it spoke to me and I chose to keep it. The original plan was to stand in the middle of California Street in San Francisco, plant my tripod down and take a long exposure looking up the hill. However, I ran out of time with a few seconds left on my timer, forcing me to grab my gear and make a mad scramble for the sidewalk. That left a bunch of light trails. I’m especially fond of the three taxis at the stoplight, the cable car tracks, and the lights showing movement.