outerlands the sights

Outerlands is open for dinner again! I know I’m a little late on this, even though I live a couple of blocks away, but I’ve been too preoccupied by other things and forgot to mention it. It had expanded and is now completely decked out in some cool wood. I have to say, I like what they’ve done with the place. The food, at least for happy hour is spot on as well. I went over there with a couple of nice folk just to get started before heading out to dinner and saw a few things I just had to capture. I always opt for the ginger, honey, lemon, apple cider because it reminds me of my younger years and the Sunset cold. I’d walk over there sometimes and grab a cup just so I could have it for the stroll home. I had a little sip of a cocktail and it was stunningly well made. Can’t wait to go back for dinner.

table settings radius



I had dinner with a bunch of fine folk last week and couldn’t help but to snap this shot of the outstanding table settings over at Radius in San Francisco. I’ve got to tell you: the food was amazing – locally sourced, the service was superb, and the decor made me feel right at home. I captured this shot as the sun was low in the sky so there was quite a bit of light coming through that window, but it all turned out beautifully with the glasses all lined up and the chairs in a row.

sextant coffee roasters the place to be

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. There’s no shortage of coffee shops in San Francisco, but a new one just opened up and I wanted to take a look – Sextant Coffee Roasters. The setup reminds me a lot of Flywheel in the Haight and I just love the decor. I ordered a macchiato and it was amazing – just the way I like it. The vibe though; that’s to die for. I love the meld of brick and wood. The little roaster in the back lit up in the afternoon sun, with the tables and chairs all lined up neatly against the brick wall. I could sit there all day with a notebook and pen, deep in thought and I will, one of these days.

samovar tea lounge sensibiliteas

I’m a huge coffee drinker, although I drink tea as if it were water at home. My sister likes to drink jasmine tea and sometimes I have a huge box of lipton sitting in the pantry, but most of the time, it’s coffee for Vince. I know little to nothing about tea, especially specialty teas, and so when I stumbled on the new Samovar Tea Lounge on Valencia, I decided to stop in and inquire. I didn’t know I was going to be having such a wonderful experience. Although this is meant to be a quick gallery of pictures, I have a few things to say about the spot.

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happy moose juice gallery

I finally got around to editing the rest of my pictures and found a few that stuck out to me. Love the logo, message, and of course, the delicious juice. It’s gonna be hot the next few days, so I suggest you make your way out there and get some before it’s all gone! Here’s Happy Moose Juice part two.


Snowy Plover

Snowy PloverSnow Plovers are cute. Now they’re delicious. I had heard about this place coming soon to the Sunset, so I was keen on having a look-see as soon as possible and I’m really glad that I did. This snowy plover was DELICIOUS. Espresso, simple syrup, ice, pellegrino, and whipped cream. It’s pretty much like a coffee cream soda after you mix it. Check the spot out: Andytown