a weekend of memories alleyways and new worlds

I pretty much had a one day weekend, or at least in my mind I believe I only had one day. I worked nights on Saturday, but during the day I managed to make it out to the Mission and had some Mexican food as well as some coffee from Linnea Cafe, one of my favorite coffee spots in the city. They have chairs and tables now! Woohoo! If you want to explore some more of my favorite haunts, feel free to take a look at the foursquare list of places to get caffeinated in the Bay Area.

But the day I really want to talk about was Sunday. The title of this post is no accident (things rarely are with me – I’m a very deliberate kind of fellow). We started off at our favorite coffee roaster in San Francisco. Did you say Fourbarrel? That’s right. There was a repurposed, wooden, ironing board out topped with sugar, creamer, and lids. The alleyway was amazing to say the least and made for a great backdrop. I could write blog post after blog post about her, so I’ll make this one short and sweet. My model for the day runs A Cup Of Joan. She’s a talented writer, storyteller, wordsmith, photographer, baker, accomplished cook, in-the-shower singer, dancer, actress, face-stuffer, creative artist, interior designer, event coordinator, and coffee connoisseur. That’s just the beginning. Oftentimes you’ll find her in a cafe or coffeeshop writing about her passions in life, her own life, and delving into the complex nature of human beings. Her writing is as complex as her mind and her soul.

I took it upon myself to snap a ton of pictures because I haven’t had time to do that in a while and practice is vital if you want to stay in touch with your creative side. I was struck by and in love with what she was wearing and how she looked, so I documented it. Shoes – check. Reflection – check. OOTD on a milk create – check. Then there’s my all-time favorite: the one with her in all her glory. She’s a darling and beautiful as they come.

We stopped by Samovar Tea Lounge for a rosie palmer, then hit up Arizmendi Bakery before heading over to Bi-rite Creamery for some vegan ice cream. It was delicious, especially because it was so hot in San Francisco over the weekend. I opted for the addition of walnuts – I was craving some nutty flavor in my ice cream – wish granted. Our last stop was Gracias Madre – tacos, pico de gallo, and guacamole: everything was fresh as can be. As my friend described it – once we stepped inside the gates at Gracias Madre, it was like we were transported to a different world. And like most things with her, I humbly agree.

I almost forgot: props to the baker for the pear walnut muffin with figs on top. Delicious.

I made great memories this weekend.

weekend of eats aesthetics

I had a heck of a weekend this time around. Let’s start with Friday night. I went over to Jack London Square for the Eat Real Festival. It was my second go, after having went a few years before. The last time I went, it was during the day and the sun was blazing. It was super crowded and the lines were way too long for my liking. This time around, we arrived during the later hours of the day, pretty much during golden hour and it was epic. It made for some great pictures of food. I only wish I had taken a few more pictures, but I’m sorry – I was too busy stuffing my face.

We tried a couple of places and even went back on Sunday! Among the places we tried: Hella Vegan Eats, NoNo Burger, Baia Pasta, Bicycle Banh Mi, and Fat Face Popsicles. We were pretty bummed out on Sunday because we didn’t get to try Hodosoy, but we will return!

We also visited a few places: Shangri-La Vegan, Curbside Creamery, and Arbor Cafe. All in all, a beautiful weekend. The last weekend of the summer and I spent it eating great food with beautiful company.

Oh and side note, I’ve also included a few pictures of Ampersand SF! An amazing shop. I’ll definitely be back for something and to just hang out there.

pinhole and temescal snaps

It was a great weekend and I went over to pinhole and Temescal. First, let me say a few things about a planner that I picked up for a few dollars at Muji in San Francisco. My sister really wanted to go to Muji and I followed along. In the end, I wound up buying a nice shirt and also the monthly planner. It was affordable and I think is a great way to have a hard copy of my month. Temescal was fun, like usual. We visited the usual suspects: Curbside Creamery and the cro cafe. Earlier this week I hit up pinhole (which I had been keeping an eye on for a few weeks now). Suffice to say, I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Who can resist the delicious coffee and beautiful decor?!

Camera Bag EDC the weight on my back

camera bag every day carry

I’ve done a couple of EDC posts detailing the things I carry. I’m a big fan of being prepared, although I don’t take it quite as far as “preppers” or survivalists. I do, however, take some ideas from them and adapt it to the urban life, or in my case, the weekend warrior lifestyle. I’ve done EDC posts on my range bag (which I keep in the car), Carry Bag, and personal items. As the Coast Guard says, Semper Paratus. Here’s a list detailing the times my gear has come in useful:

  • Someone came into my workplace asking if we had duct tape. We didn’t. I ended up taking some from the mini-roll I had attached to my keychain.
  • I got a flat tire driving home from San Jose to San Francisco one night. I put on my blinkers and pulled over, but could barely see because it was so dark. Thankfully, my range bag was in the truck and I used the crap out of my flashlight.
  • The titanium spork always comes in handy for when take-out places don’t give me utensils and I’m on the move.
  • My Gerber solves everything. The scissors, screwdriver, and pliers are my most used.
  • I use the camping spork on my keychain for all sorts of minor adjustments when I need a flathead screwdriver or for opening bottles. I’ve only used the spork for eating about 3 times and as a fair warning, if you try to take it into a nightclub, they classify it as a weapon.

Now onto my Camera Bag EDC:

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and another weekend gone adventures

There goes another weekend, but this one was entirely eventful. I had a list from last weekend to work off of, but even though I didn’t manage to get to all of the places I had in mind, I was satisfied that I knocked one place off the list. I took a stroll down Union Street in San Francisco on my way to Wrecking Ball Coffee Roaster’s new cafe. and passed by a flower shop with ridiculously beautiful flowers. If you’ve never experienced Wrecking Ball, you’re missing out, so I urge you to go and go soon. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Nick Cho making your drink – savor that moment.
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projects galore little things

I’m not much of an artist, but I really wanted to make use of several items I received or had laying around. As a huge fan of upcycling, I decided to make it a point to utilize as many items as I could. Old specimen bottles. A $2 wooden picture from from the thrift store. Specimen tins. Small nightstand. $8 Sears typewriter.

a late weekend post valencia

I didn’t have solid plans last weekend, but I did have soft plans to wander. It’s not that I don’t like making grand plans, but I would rather flow like water and blow like the breeze. I don’t like to be put in a rigid and constrictive flow. So when my tentative plans fell through, I decided I wanted to drink some tea and head over to the Treasure Island Flea. After drinking my chai and rosie palmer over at Samovar Tea Lounge, I still had time to waste before the market opened. I wandered up the avenues and to my surprise discovered a few sights that spoke to me. A locked spigot, because srsly guys there’s a drought in CA. A vibrant payphone that had a dial tone. Tape art with quips and quotes on the ground. My reflection in a wall multiplied by 3. I have found myself and my spirit and I’m not letting go.