Sutro Baths – Rocks

Sutro Baths - RocksAnother long exposure over at Ocean Beach. I really love the welding glass idea. I don’t have that much disposable income to spend on camera gear at the moment and so I make do with what little I have. Long exposure in the day-time is always fun! So here are some waves crashing along the rocks over at Sutro Baths. If you want to learn more about using the welding glass with your camera, check out these two comprehensive guides: Alex Wise Photography and DIY Photography. They’re both excellent resources.


Sutro Baths

Sutro BathsI love Sutro Baths. It’s close to my home, right next to the water, and very fun to explore. Even though I live so close, I still find new nooks and crannies every time I go there. I love bringing my camera because the ocean is unpredictable and so is the weather. The conditions are rarely ever the same and I’ve gotten some great shots of people, animals, and water. This time I decided to take my welding glass with me and go for a long exposure. Not bad at all.

Seal Rock

Seal RockToday’s picture of the day is brought to you by the lovely Pacific Ocean. I actually took my tripod with me and on the way back from Fresh and Easy, I decided to set up shop and grab a few pictures. I took a couple light trails from cars coming going up and down a winding road, but the reflection off the car bodies made for some unclean photos. It’s also partly because I set up at a weird location off to the side with quite a bit of light contamination. Then I did a 180 and ended up looking at Seal Rock. MOVING WATER! So I went for a long exposure of that instead.


Thomas Fuller

He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea.

– Thomas Fuller

It’s not just about the sea, the ocean, and sailing. This quote goes way beyond that. Most quotes can be applied to other larger ideas and this one is no different. Loosely speaking, it can be roughly translated as: if you always live in fear and worry about things outside of your control, you’ll do more damage than good. It is ideal that you set sail not when circumstances are all right, but when most of them are. Dangers are inherent in life and holding off on living life because of them isn’t living at all.



SF SunsetSunset. Clouds. Ocean Beach. San Francisco. Those are the catch-phrases to describe this HDR photograph. I was just driving by the beach one day and saw this. It was an epic sunset during the start of summer and I really wanted to capture the cutting texture of the clouds and still keep the contrast of light vs. dark. I decided to take a handheld HDR shot. It worked out really well. For me, the exciting part was getting the dark clouds that were passing in front of the setting sun. I consider myself very lucky to be able to walk just a few blocks and see this (granted it isn’t foggy).