Sutro Baths – Rocks

Sutro Baths - RocksAnother long exposure over at Ocean Beach. I really love the welding glass idea. I don’t have that much disposable income to spend on camera gear at the moment and so I make do with what little I have. Long exposure in the day-time is always fun! So here are some waves crashing along the rocks over at Sutro Baths. If you want to learn more about using the welding glass with your camera, check out these two comprehensive guides: Alex Wise Photography and DIY Photography. They’re both excellent resources.


Sutro Baths

Sutro BathsI love Sutro Baths. It’s close to my home, right next to the water, and very fun to explore. Even though I live so close, I still find new nooks and crannies every time I go there. I love bringing my camera because the ocean is unpredictable and so is the weather. The conditions are rarely ever the same and I’ve gotten some great shots of people, animals, and water. This time I decided to take my welding glass with me and go for a long exposure. Not bad at all.

Seal Rock

Seal RockToday’s picture of the day is brought to you by the lovely Pacific Ocean. I actually took my tripod with me and on the way back from Fresh and Easy, I decided to set up shop and grab a few pictures. I took a couple light trails from cars coming going up and down a winding road, but the reflection off the car bodies made for some unclean photos. It’s also partly because I set up at a weird location off to the side with quite a bit of light contamination. Then I did a 180 and ended up looking at Seal Rock. MOVING WATER! So I went for a long exposure of that instead.

Davis Lights

Davis LightsI drove my sister up to Davis today and I brought my camera along for a quick picture of the day. It’s not one of my best shots, but it brings back a ton of memories for me. My friend borrowed my tripod, so I set my camera up on a little ledge and pointed it at the street. I think the speed limit there is about 45mph. I guesstimated both the shutter speed, white balance, and focus and this is what I ended up with. I like the light trails of 5 passing cars but I also really like the blurry plants. It was beyond windy.

Camera Tossing

It has been described as reckless, insane, and stupid, but in reality it can get you great results, provided you do it safely. So what is camera tossing? It’s exactly what it sounds like. You set your camera on a long shutter speed with or without a delay, press the shutter, and then wait for exactly the right time to throw your camera. At that point, you can either catch your camera or have it land on a soft surface. More often than not, your results are not too astonishing, but if you get it just right or have just the right thing to point your camera at, you can achieve spectacular results. I’ve seen quite a few pictures taken this way I presume in the dead of night or with the camera pointed at a light source of some kind. It is an art and you should experiment, but be careful. I for one have tossed my point and shoot around and bit and have found that it does in fact yield some images I wouldn’t get otherwise. However, I’m a bit hesitant to throw my DSLR. It’s a bit heavy and there’s a greater risk involved. The orange photo is the original and I went into Photoshop to change the color and got the blue one.

For more information on camera tossing, visit the Camera Tossing blog and for a gallery of pictures that have resulted from camera tossing, check out the Flickr Camera Tossing group.

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