thistle change you and it has

I discovered Thistle earlier in January 2014 when I was wandering the downtown area and stumbled on their popup over at Hops & Hominy. I eventually fell in love with their unique drink combinations and my favorite ended up being AmberApple, Grapefruit, and Burdock. It’s perfectly balanced and I went back several times to try out the other offerings. A few days ago, I got an email telling me about their delivery services and that they had…FOOD. WHAT? That got me pretty excited and the folks over at Thistle were kind enough to deliver even though I was two blocks outside the zone. The food? DELICIOUS. So far, my favorite has been the zucchini pad thai. Their customer service is what every company, big or small, should aspire to be. So go take a look – you don’t even have to thank me for steering you in the right direction. Order here.

Oh and be careful with the ginger shot. It’s intense.

I got to try something else! SUSHI. Vegan awesomeness. 6/24/14

sushi from thistle

sushi from thistle

go watch fed up the movie war on sugar

Fed UpI’ve been waiting for the release of Fed Up for a while, just because it caught my eye a while back. I love documentaries, much like I love reading nonfiction. Although there are plenty of obviously biased spins in them, documentaries are, for the most part, factual. Fed Up not only highlights a huge problem we’re facing today, but reveals just how big the problem really is. It explores the link between obesity and sugar, while attempting to take on the biological and social links. It looks like the odds are stacked against us.

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Breakfast at Front

Coffee and vegan spiced cake from Front in San Francisco.

Coffee and vegan spiced cake from Front in San Francisco.

I had a tough weekend and woke up late for work and decided to drive instead of sitting on the bus. In the end, I arrived in the area way earlier than expected and hopped off the highway toward Front. The espresso + milk is amazing and the folks know their coffee. Something else caught my eye: the vegan spiced cake and I got that, simply because I didn’t want to fuss with granola and milk.

Onion Rings

Onion RingsCan somebody say crunchy?! I circled the block several times just so I could find parking and grab a bite to eat with my friend over at Market + Rye. I saw the onion rings on the menu and decided I might as well try it for my troubles. They were crunchy and delicious, and the presentation was made for a picture.