the last ocean pristine

Last Ocean

I’m really getting into the groove of things now. I’ve always been a fan of visuals – photography and cinematography just speak to me. Recently, I’ve discovered how much I love documentaries. It used to be that I would watch PBS programing about the animal kingdom. I was known to, at least as a kid, stare at the TV with my mouth open, totally engrossed in the otherworldly visuals and audio. Film is very immersive and brings sights and sounds straight to you, transporting you to a different place entirely.

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go watch fed up the movie war on sugar

Fed UpI’ve been waiting for the release of Fed Up for a while, just because it caught my eye a while back. I love documentaries, much like I love reading nonfiction. Although there are plenty of obviously biased spins in them, documentaries are, for the most part, factual. Fed Up not only highlights a huge problem we’re facing today, but reveals just how big the problem really is. It explores the link between obesity and sugar, while attempting to take on the biological and social links. It looks like the odds are stacked against us.

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