on heroes, thick skin, and emotion are the walls necessary?


What happens to us when times get tough? People always say that the only constant in life is change. Things are always changing, although not necessarily in good ways. Sometimes it’s good, but every once in a while we encounter the bad, and who’s to say what is positive and what is negative? I think we have to agree – and it certainly shows in all of my writing – that we understand nothing. We try to make sense of the world as best we can, given our limited resources, knowledge, and wit. There will never be a day, at least in the near future, where we understand all that there is. Tough times call for thicker skin, right? It’s what everyone I’ve ever met tells me. But I always force myself to remember that tough skin makes us immune to all the rest of the stimuli in the world. Building yourself to be tough is not always good. Take it from someone who has spent almost half of his life doing just that. I wouldn’t say that it’s hopeless, but it most certainly isn’t necessary. Why do we feel the need to create this impermeable exterior while inside, we’re slowly crumbling under the pressures of being human?

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Receiving Emotions

“What he does receive are emotions” – the resonating line from the video. This is a perfect example of emotional marketing. If the last part had been cut out, it would have made an impression, but now you’re piggybacking on those emotions to get noticed.

If we pay no attention to the fact that it’s an advert and simply look at the message, it’s really quite beautiful. It matches up perfectly with my own outlook on life. Giving and loving may not pay of in the form of fame or fortune, but in the long run, we receive intangible rewards that are priceless. How do you put a price on emotions? The things that run across all cultures and peoples? It’s what we all have in common and THAT is why this video is so powerful. So, invest in people and receive emotions with open arms.

Anger Fuels Change

We live in a binary and constrictive world. Evil is rectified by good, negative is cancelled by positive, and happy is the opposite of sad. There are always two sides and they’re usually pitted against each other. We always see black and white, but we neglect the vast shades of grey in between. And the grey is something we need to pay more attention to. So I pose this question: What’s the opposite of anger?

Anger is one of those things that must be an in-between. It doesn’t deserve to be labeled as positive or negative. As with a lot of things, it can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on how you look at it. But anger is not the issue – it is what someone does with that anger and how they react to the anger within.

There you have it. Don’t judge your anger. It exists and it falls completely within the realm of human emotions. To feel anger is to be human. I’m not going to go on a spiel about anger management: there is another time and place for that.

However, I’m going to argue that properly channeled anger is productive. Anger is usually couple with a feeling of dissatisfaction. When properly channeled, anger fuels change.

  1. When coupled with a healthy desire to change, the passion of anger is the most combustable fuel out there. Sometimes the heat and a swift kick in the rear is all we need. Anger + positive attitude to change = results.
  2. Anger is a learning experience for all of us and learning is always a good thing. We all make mistakes, but learning from them is what sets successful/likable people from those who lack both those qualities. Being able to learn and grow from anger is important. Anger + learning = growth.
  3. Anger is a “gateway emotion” – when you learn to deal with seething rage and a complete paralysis of logic and reasoning, everything is easier. Going through anger and healing from it is a powerful tool in anyone’s arsenal. It’ll help you recover from other “negative” emotions.

Last note: bathe in your anger and use it to your advantage.

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