let’s get social oh badges

I haven’t done any site updates in a while. Life has kept me pretty busy. I’ve been learning new things and picking up with old interests that I didn’t know I would ever be picking up. This weekend, I took the time to put in a few little tidbits just to spice it up a bit. That’s one thing I love about building websites. I get to own my work and style it exactly the way I want. If I can’t figure out how to do it using the CSS and HTML that I already know, I look it up and in this way, I can learn while doing. I’ve written extensively on that topic and don’t want to bore you with it, but what matters is that I make little additions to the site that don’t seem like much in the beginning, but always add up synergistically for mass effect.

social media icons

at the bottom of my “about me” page

I’ve been slowly working on a video for my about me page, but work has been grueling. Anyone who has done any sort of editing knows how time-consuming and energy intensive the process is, not to mention filming everything alone is difficult enough. I came up with these social links as an add-on while I bide my time. I’m spread out all over social media and don’t check everything ALL THE TIME, but I do check them every once in a while. Adding these icons and links serve as a resource for people who do want to dig a little deeper and it’ll be mostly hidden for people who are on the site for a purpose and aren’t looking to connect elsewhere.

footer changes

footer changes

I’ve also put the same series of social icons and links down in my footer. It’ll show up on every single 415vince.com page so the option is there should anyone see it and want to explore. Lastly, I LOVE BADGES. I remember when I used to use them all the time in my HTML-only sites to advertise the fact that it was W3C compliant or that I used GIMP and Photoshop in the making of the site. I like to let people know how I went about doing something, because I’m all about the spirit of collaboration and education. As an ode to badges, I’ve embedded these hilarious ones at the bottom, courtesy of For The Badge. Check them out. Those are the changes and that’s all for now folks!

I’m working on a couple of posts. Topics are: sustainability, feminism, and homelessness. Three hot issues and I’ll talk about what I know and hopefully there’ll be things I don’t know that you all can educate me about.

Also coming soon, an update to my ever popular bullet journal post and the latest developments.

the rusty logo popping pink

rust logo


I had a couple of PSD files on my desktop. If only I remembered where I downloaded them from though! Anyway, I decided to do a quick and dirty switcharoo for a rusty logo and boom. I haven’t touched Photoshop in a really long time and need to get back on it pronto. I also haven’t written anything of real value or taken pictures of awesome in a while. Time to get on it!

unsplash photos

Unsplash Forest

Oh the magical forest – stock photo

I recently wrote a post about Death to Stock Photo, a good alternative to traditional stock photo sites. The best thing about Death to Stock Photo is that the photography is immaculate and very well done. I love all the captures and I love saving all the packs so I can go through them at a later date if I need to. This morning, I got my second email newsletter from Unsplash, which also produces high-quality and free hi-res photos. I haven’t really bothered to create anything with them because they’re so amazing on their own, but do go and take a look for yourself. It’s full of beautiful eye-candy. Make sure you subscribe so you can be one of the first to hear about the 10 pics every 10 days. Here are more sample pictures:
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photoshop for the day engraved wood

Engraved Wood
I was surfing the web yesterday and stumbled on this gem of a PSD file. I dabble in photoshop, but I haven’t really bee inspired to create anything lately. In fact, I’ve been watching more and more film. As my dad said to me last night, I think you should go to film school. I have never in my life thought about doing that and so it was quite a surprise to me. How did he know that I love cinematography? Anyway, here’s my quick attempt at the engraved logo. I didn’t do much but use it as a personal branding tool – everything was already built into the PSD. Still, I think it’s nice to note that this logo has become my personal go-to for mockups.

death to stock photo an alternative


Quick edit of what you can do with beautiful stock.

Sometimes it’s hard finding stock photos that appeal to you and that you want to use. Visuals tell a story and oftentimes, it’s quite necessary to have them alongside some text. Plain text, especially for the general audience, is massively unappealing. Think of photography as textures and accents for your writing. Just like soft food on soft food paired with even more soft food leaves it flat, writing on writing with a side of text isn’t all that interesting. I use photos to draw people in and usually, the same like-minded individuals who enjoy the photos I’ve paired with my thoughts, also like my writing.

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Hipster this and hipster that. This group has seen a major resurgence in the last few years. I think everyone has a bit of hipster in them. From a sociological perspective, we all want to belong but be different at the same time. There isn’t just “one hipster fits all” either: there are different types be it in terms of fashion or geographical location. Read up on hipsters here. For the quick and dirty version, check out Urban Dictionary’s first entry. Wikipedia lists the article’s neutrality as “disputed” and that reflects society’s views on a larger scale. The hipster is generally looked down on and shunned. So why would anyone want to identify with them? You guessed it – they don’t. Hipsters don’t admit to being hipsters.

With the preface out of the way, we all embrace some sort of “hipster”. One aspect or another. Take a look at this: logos, the hipster way. Hipster design is now a roaring thing.Hipster Logo Design Guide

This is echoed by these cleverly redesigned logos. Subscribe to the tumblr here.Hipster Branding

So, here’s my hand at creating “hipster logos” with some hipster design elements.


TulsHere’s some coolness. Onehundred: they believe in community, crowdsourcing, and design. I’m all for multi-tools and the new thing recently is compact tools. Instead of a Leatherman or Gerber bogging you down, you have something small that goes on a keychain. In this case, it’s business card sized, so it fits in your wallet too. Just take a look at the Tuls family of multitools – 4 of them in all, all in either stainless steel or titanium. They’re affordably priced and look really cool. I need one so I’ll mull it over and see which one is right for me. If I’m going to invest in something, it better be useful to me.Roul Diagram

Roul: Standard and metric drill guide; not sure if I’ll need this one, but it could be useful for woodworking and crafts or when I’m in the shop.Stan Diagram

Stan: Geared toward electronics. This one could come in handy. Who likes tangled wires?Lucy Diagram

Lucy: Standard and metric wrenches. I think it’s safest to go for this one. Multifunctional and perfect for the car or bike.Opie Diagram

Opie: Bottle opener. Just plain epic.

I mean really. Just look at these things. They’re sleek and metallic. Not only do they look nice, they serve a purpose. For more info, visit them here.