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Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. There’s no shortage of coffee shops in San Francisco, but a new one just opened up and I wanted to take a look – Sextant Coffee Roasters. The setup reminds me a lot of Flywheel in the Haight and I just love the decor. I ordered a macchiato and it was amazing – just the way I like it. The vibe though; that’s to die for. I love the meld of brick and wood. The little roaster in the back lit up in the afternoon sun, with the tables and chairs all lined up neatly against the brick wall. I could sit there all day with a notebook and pen, deep in thought and I will, one of these days.

My Go-to Coffee Haunts in San Francisco

It’s no secret that I love to drink coffee. Of course I enjoy specialty coffees and anything that tastes good, but I don’t mind gas station jet fuel coffee or some Folgers either. As long as it tastes ok, I’m down. I generally start with a cup of coffee from somewhere before I head anywhere at all. Any given day I probably have about 3-5 cups coursing through my veins. I’m going to make a list of my most visited coffee spots in San Francisco on Foursquare. You can find it here. Let’s do a rundown. Since I have quite a few on the list, it’ll just be a short blurb about each of them and what I usually get there.

Linea Caffe: It’s still relatively new, but those waffles look amazing. Iced Americano, since it’s always so sunny in that neighborhood.Linea Caffe Logo Drip’d: A hidden gem, tucked behind a little storefront that sells green solutions. Americano or latte for walking around Irving.Dripd Logo Trouble: My go-to coffee haunt, where the company is amazing and the treats are lip-smacking delicious. Find out more here. Cold-press, Americano, and espresso.Trouble Coffee Company Logo Sightglass: An impressive building with plenty of seating. Latte, espresso, and Americano to go with some pleasant conversation.Sightglass Coffee Front: Excellent parking and beautiful decor. Iced coffee, espresso with milk, and affogato with local ice cream.Front Logo Ritual: Hayes Valley kiosk for Hayes Valley wandering. Latte and Americano to carry up and down the street while shopping.Ritual Coffee Logo Haus: Lots of wood and plenty of seating; don’t forget to check out the back patio. Espresso for easy sipping.Haus Blue Bottle: The Ferry Building is cool, but so is Heath Ceramics. Latte, Americano, and the New Orleans iced coffee; then go look at ceramics.Blue Bottle Coffee Fourbarrel: Hip coffee at the end of Valencia Street. Latte, Americano, and macchiato depending on what I’m feeling. They’re super nice people and very accommodating.Fourbarrel Beacon: My North Beach haunt. The pantry is intriguing and the wall of plants brings a nice vibrance to the place. Latte and Americano.Beacon Fifty/Fifty: A Geary Street coffee shop. Again, lots of wood; their chairs remind me of school chairs. Americano and coffee straight up.Fifty Fifty Hollow: This place is small and if you blink, you’ll miss it; it’s a cafe and a store. Americano and macchiato for on-the-go caffeine. It’s also kind of dark in there.Hollow Contraband: A coffee shop with plenty of seating and a clean interior. Americano, latte, and the iced drinks for warm days.Contraband Coffee Coffee Bar: This place is huge and full of Macs. It’s a very popular spot. Vietnamese iced coffee, latte, and Americano.Coffee Bar Iron & Steam Espresso Bar: A little hole in a bar on Polk Street with caffeine. Espresso and latte. Philz: What wonderful concoctions they have. Eclectic and young coffee. The mint mojito iced coffee is different, but tasty.Philz Coffee The Mill: Very white interior with ample seating. Americano and latte with a toast.The Mill Stanza: Lots of wood again; coffee and Americano.Stanza Coffee Cento: There’s always a line, but it’s worth the wait. Macchiato and espresso. It’s a small little building, but oh so delicious coffee. Buy something and chill outside. Flywheel: A pretty big spot near Whole Foods. Excellent decor and plenty of seating. Drinks in Swiss-designed insulated cups. Latte for Haight Street perusing.Flywheel Coffee


Mocha from Fourbarrel

Mocha Art

This lovely mocha art was made at Fourbarrel in San Francisco, CA. Yes, I’m from SF and yea I go to this well-known coffeeshop pretty often. What can I say? I love their coffee, I love the vibe, and most of all, I love the neighborhood. There is nothing better than picking up a caffeinated drink and strolling around the hood. It’s a great place to people watch, take pictures, or spend a lazy afternoon. Go. Now.

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