A Day

A DayI’m finding all sorts of uses for the Doane Paper Idea Journal that I ordered a few weeks ago. It’s great for random thoughts, to-do lists, keeping a chronodex, and of course, jotting down ideas. I actually an entire page titled “Idea Page” set aside for all sorts of ideas for graphics, business ideas, and decorating ideas. It’s become part of my daily carry of sorts because it’s sturdy and I love the fact that the binding allows me to fold it. Sometimes space-saving is a necessity. I was exploring downtown a few days ago and stumbled onto Ma’velous Coffee and Wine Bar. I’ve had my eye on this joint, but since I had several hours to roam around, I stopped in for a quick cup of coffee. It resulted in the Noodler’s Ahab coming out and a few rough scribbles, but a few rough scribbles is all it takes for ideas to pop out. In short, this is a day of my life.