snaps all around PDX, NYC


It’s been a while since my last post, but I decided to upload a gallery of my snaps from my latest trips to Portland and New York. Hopefully that quenches your thirst. I’m keeping busy right now, but check back for more from San Francisco!

SFO to PDX first time traveler

I’m proud to call San Francisco my home. After 25 years of walking around the streets, mingling with the people, and eating the food, I’d like to think that I’m pretty well-versed in San Franciscan culture, although I’m not entirely sure if San Francisco culture is something you inherit or just pick up. Maybe it oozes off on you after you’ve been here a few years.

…but some days I wake up and I don’t recognize my own city

This isn’t to say that I know what’s going on in my own city though, especially in these current times. Just because I remember and know it in my way as a San Francisco native who has seen his fair share of change doesn’t mean I can describe the huge shift in things right now as they unfold. I’m not even sure what to call it, but some days I wake up and I don’t recognize my own city. Call it what you want – gentrification, entitlement, tech empires rising, the millennial invasionSan Francisco just doesn’t feel the same and it’s pretty confused as to what it wants to become.

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Film and updates

I love you and I miss you. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here and right now, this feels right. I refuse to bore you all with the details and developments of my life. If you must know, just reach out to me. Otherwise, I’ll just pick up and continue as if nothing ever happened. Previously, I’ve posted a lot of my photography on this site because it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about. However, I’m cutting back on that a little bit because of my hectic schedule. I can’t even find time to post anymore!

I’ve also recently started which I humbly urge you to check out. It’s dedicated to my newfound love for analog photography. Let me give you a little brief: my uncle on my father’s side of the family is a professional photographer who specializes in taking pictures of tourists and printing them off at a little kiosk in Hong Kong. My father is an interesting man and loved photography as well. In addition to being a harsh critic of my work, he was the one who gave me the tools necessary to fall in love with taking photos. He gave me his old Minolta and from then on, I was always dreaming about using film, whether it be the 35mm format or something larger.

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BeatersI love going to new places and Melange Market in San Francisco was on my list. I hardly ever get out to that side of town, but I had a strawberry lemonade which was amazing. These beaters were also intriguing – all zip-tied together for decoration. I’ll be back.


Temple Coffee

Temple CoffeeIt was a bit impulsive, but those are the best. I ended up over at Temple Coffee in Sacramento with someone and while we were sitting there, I noticed the organic textures, the wood, and the brick wall over at the counter. I snapped a few shots using the monochrome option under my Canon menu. I think it gives a really nice feel to the place.


Sutro Baths – Rocks

Sutro Baths - RocksAnother long exposure over at Ocean Beach. I really love the welding glass idea. I don’t have that much disposable income to spend on camera gear at the moment and so I make do with what little I have. Long exposure in the day-time is always fun! So here are some waves crashing along the rocks over at Sutro Baths. If you want to learn more about using the welding glass with your camera, check out these two comprehensive guides: Alex Wise Photography and DIY Photography. They’re both excellent resources.