renegade craft fair sunday happenings

Sundays are usually pretty fun days. I got an early morning start this past Sunday and did my laundry super early in the morning. I went home, had a refreshing bottle of Stumptown cold brew and waited around until my sister got up for the Renegade Craft Fair. I love craft fairs, even though I don’t consider myself very crafty. It’s nice to see a gathering of artists and creative who have taken their passions to a new level. I always manage to fall in love with items that I see and I do my best to budget for these kinds of things. I did pick up two items I couldn’t resist though. That gallery above is an ode to my Sunday: Stumptown, Outlaw Soapshair of the dog – smells like whiskey and coffee, pencils from the fair, and sights of the fair with Yetis and friends.

Saint Frank

Saint FrankI made it to the Saint Frank coffee shop over on Polk and snapped this photo of a latte. It was an unbelievably sunny day and so everything came out super warm and I didn’t like the way the color correction went. What a better time to go black and white? I loved how the highlights are so powerful on the cup and the foam and also the way the shadows accentuate the feel.


Lock and Chain

Lock and ChainI haven’t taken my camera out and taken pictures in a long time. I went out yesterday for some food and took my camera along. On my way to get some food, I noticed that every little thing on the street caught my eye. I guess that’s what happens when you go a long time without taking pictures. I took this picture of a Master lock and a chain on the move. I didn’t really have time to frame anything but it turned out alright, especially in black and white. I really love black and white.



ButterI’m not really sure what to make of this photograph. Notice that I tagged it as “art” among other things. My sister picked up this brick of butter at Smart n Final and I was instantly drawn to it. I definitely want to use it to make a hollandaise, but I also liked the simple packaging. I’m fond of paper packages and there was just a substantial body to this brick of butter. I took out my flash and decided to play around with the lighting on a brick of butter. Yea, that’s what every normal person would do. This is the result and instantly I thought: black and white! Here it is.

More logos

It’s been a few years since I’ve visited logofaves. I took a look around today when I was checking out old links for an imported post. There are tons of new logos and they’re epic. I’m always down for looking at new logos and seeing what designers out there are creating.

  1. Fork & Knife Restaurant by Nick SickeltonFork & Knife Restaurant
  2. Napoleon Sushi Bar by BadovskyNapoleon Sushi-bar
  3. BarCode by Sean HeislerBarCode
  4. Horror Films by Siah DesignHorror Films
  5. Freedom by Jens WickelgrenFreedom
  6. Optimistic Beverages by Helms WorkshopOptimistic Beverages
  7. Turn by Marco CreativoTurn
  8. Swings by Contrast8Swings
  9. Curious by Action DesignerCurious
  10. Reel Farm by Michael SpitzReel Farm

Showcase of Clever and Creative Logos – Logofaves

I was stumbling around the web when I came across a neat site: Logofaves. It’s a site dedicated to providing examples of clever and creative logos so others can be inspired by them. I love the incredible number of logos they have on display. If you’ve seen a really nice logo that you want to share with others, visit them and suggest it! Here are a couple of really clever and creative ones that I want to share. A great logo taps into the shared collective histories of a people, so that no explanation is required. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about. See for yourself.

  1. Diamond Bookstore by Malik JoannaDiamond Bookstore
  2. DODO by Dalibor NovakDodo Grill Restaurant
  3. 100 Faces of Fresno by Davier Interactive100 Faces of Fresno
  4. Women Meet Literature by EmrekocWomen Meet Literature
  5. Pink Flamingo Farm by Bryan Blue SPink Flamingo Farm
  6. Optical Strength by Felipe RojasOptical Strength
  7. Portrait Photos by Atakan SeckinPortraitphotos
  8. Spartan Golf Club by Richard FonteneauSpartan Golf Club
  9. Illusion by Anthony LaneIllusion
  10. Harbin Pharmacy by Joey GraddyHarbin Pharmacy
  11. Steps by Jason SanzoneSteps
  12. Water Drop by Peter VasvariWater Drop
  13. Antarctica by WilliamAntarctica
  14. Silk Skin by Rich ScottSilkskin
  15. Martini House by Eddie BrownMartini House
  16. Egg n Spoon by ThoughtfulEgg N Spoon
  17. Antisocial Network by Mister JonesAntisocial Network


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