WindmillI took this picture of a windmill with my Minolta SLR and had it developed. Sadly, I kept getting these lines running through my pictures and I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m thinking it’s either a light leak or there’s something actually going on with the screen in the camera. Either way, it turned out ok. I was able to minimize the streaking in Lightroom. Couldn’t do too much about the noise though. I kind of like it that way. It’s the feel of analog.

Golden Gate Sunset Panorama

Golden Gate PanoramaThe beautiful Golden Gate Bridge looks even better during sunset on a nice day. I was exploring the Marina/Cow Hollow district about a month back when I noticed the sun falling below the elevated mountains of Marin. I have honestly never seen something so spectacular. Thankfully I had my trusty t2i with me and I snapped about 4 shots from left to right and pasted them together to form this panorama.


Dutch Windmill

Star trails

I don’t often take long exposures and this was my first time dabbling in it. This is also an HDR as you can see by the light trail. This is one of the Dutch windmills in Golden Gate Park. I actually made a bit of a rookie mistake when I was taking this, putting my tripod in the back of my truck. I should have known that the truck is not necessarily the most stable platform. Luckily, it wasn’t windy and it didn’t affect my picture. I got quite a bit of lens flare from one of he street lamps in the bottom left corner and I had to paint the tree on the right side with my little flashlight. It did the job. The focal point of the photo is the windmill and I got that lit up and in focus just like I wanted. The backdrop was the star trails. I didn’t really plan for the break in the trail, but I had to adjust my settings. This is how I learned that those stars move in the sky a decent amount in a matter of seconds.

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