i had a weekend (sortof) amazing!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a full weekend to gather my thoughts and explore. A few weeks ago, I picked up a new mirrorless camera – the Sony a6000. I decided to take the plunge into mirrorless because it’s so compact, but still offers the quality and versatility that I want. I took my full camerabag on a hike in Oakland on Saturday, but ended up only using the Sony. The shots from my hike are all from the Sony. I shot in RAW and did a little bit of editing in Lightroom, but the results speak for themselves. It’s a great camera, although I’m still getting used to it’s quirks. Look for a full post on my impressions in the near future.

On Sunday, I stopped by Oakland Supply Co. before I got called into work. I picked up a Moss + Twig mini-planter for my airplant as well as a canvas lunch bag. I used to love bagged lunches (I know, it’s a thing) and now I can have a reusable one and relive my childhood!

dish-pit wisdom dishes

Amid the hustle and bustle there is dish-pit wisdom,
	all this coming from the systemic rhythm
		of slamming cups and clattering dishes,
	if only that would stop, one wishes.

But it always goes on for hours at a time,
	washing away the scent of rosemary, thyme, and lime-
		cilantro dressing as it cascades down,
	into the large sink and catch-basin,
		and a break. Is all. You’re chasin’.

Dish-pit wisdom offers lessons on life,
	a little reminder of hot, cold, wet, and strife,
		we’re thrown about in an endless tidal wave,
	of customers eating and leaving - always their slave.

And so the stewards toil in the back,
	planning, plotting, and waiting for the best angle of attack
	As the dishes come and your hands are prunes, 
		you keep your mind busy and wash the spoons,
		because they’re running out up in front,
		and finding them now is a treasure hunt.
	The clock keeps ticking and time speeds up,
		and then you realize they also need more cups...

This goes on all night long, outside of your control,
	as the hot and cold water chills your soul,
		you want nothing more than for it to end,
		so that you can have time to mend and that’s when,
you really, truly, find a friend.

In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It’s important to combine the two in just the right amount.

Haruki Murakami

i can’t let you in maybe we're meant to keep secrets

It’s unfortunate that blogs only advocate happiness, positivity, and “being yourself”. Although I applaud the attempt at enlightening the population and inspiring people to reach for something right outside their grasp, those posts are missing something. What ever happened to balance in life? The yin and yang, light versus dark, black versus white? There’s a reason things are presented in a binary way and as polar opposites. No one is advocating the area in between the two, as most things are a spectrum, but we can’t let ourselves and our generation become tunnel-visioned into thinking that one lifestyle rules them all. You know what happens when we are all alike and we all live the same way, think the same way, and eat the same things? We die. That’s right. Mother nature looks down and goes, HAH look at the humans. They’re carbon copies of each other, so let’s test their hardiness and send them an asteroid. Something like that.
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a coffee weekend fourbarrel

I went to work in the restaurant this weekend and my shift started at 4:15 on both days so I had a little time to walk around. I didn’t want to lug my camera around both days, so I decided to take it out with me on Saturday and wound up taking these three pictures at Fourbarrel, one of my favorite places for coffee in San Francisco (especially early in the morning before the crowd has had a chance to awaken from their slumber). Something just drew me to the way people were using the coffeeshop so early in the morning and I had to take a snapshot of this. I’m still working on taking pictures of people and I think this is a good start.

Sunday was nice, hot, and mellow. I ended up going to Gracias Madres, back to Fourbarrel, and then finally to Bi-rite Creamery. I’m waiting to try Minako, which we put off for Cha-ya last time, but I think that’ll be next on the list. Can’t wait to try it out and please, look for that weekend’s gallery!

my dearest muse i write this for you

We’re nothing but cockroaches on this planet. The scourge of the Earth, if you will. You might think that’s negative, but let me assure you, I am by no means a negative person. I’m the type that believes the glass is always completely full because a refill is coming. In that sense, I’m an endless optimist. At the same time, I am an endless optimist who is skeptical of the infinite – meaning that I know there will come a point in time when I won’t be getting a refill. My opinions have always been informed by this principle. I keep my outlook about 99% positive and top it off with a 1% margin of error for things going awry. Disappointment rarely gets to me because I have already predicted it. But I digressed somewhere far from where I wanted to be in this post.

Let’s go back to the cockroaches. We’re nothing but cockroaches – a little blip in Earth’s grandiose history. You know how cockroaches never really go away? No matter how hard you try to get rid of them? They say that cockroaches will outlive everything if there was a nuclear strike or catastrophe. I believe it; they’re hardy and numerous. Humans are the same way. We’re little blips and relatively unimportant. Here’s the thing: a cockroach might not be good for much besides causing a child to freak out or getting a restaurant shut down, but a team of cockroaches? They can leave a trail of destruction behind. It’ll get dirty, nasty, and plain old disgusting. We can learn a thing or two from cockroaches: when we team up, we can make an incredible impact on whatever we set our minds to. It is totally up to us whether we push things toward a negative direction or a positive direction.

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