Opteka Fisheye

I don’t think I’ve ever gone into lenses at all. I’ve spent so much time talking pictures and all sorts of random things, but I never go into lenses. Honestly though, I don’t really own a wide variety of them; none of which really warrant going into detail about. I have a t2i with the standard kit lens and I also have the 50mm 1.8, 55-250, and the 75-300 Ultrasonic. Aside from the kit lens, I use the 50 and the telephoto most often. I used to carry the 50 all the time, but for normal outings where I need some flexibility, I still use the kit and there aint nothin wrong with that.

I want to talk about the Opteka Fisheye with macro adapter. I bought it shortly after I got my camera, originally just to play with. Eventually, I started incorporating it into my camera bag, not for the fisheye, but for the macro. I picked up the whole thing over at Amazon and it shipped with adapter rings, carry pouch, and caps for both ends of the lens.

I have no complaints. Every once in a while I’ll really want to pull out the Opteka fisheye and put it on my kit lens, but it doesn’t do too much for me. I would look at the pictures taken with the fisheye and call it stylistic, but it doesn’t add much to the photo. The macro adapter unscrews from the fisheye portion and is used as a standalone on the kit lens.

Macro captures images that you can’t really see with your eyes. The textures are magnificent and the magnification really lets you see a whole new dimension. Still, I only play with it every so often. It’s a lot of work to use and time is of the essence when it comes to capturing that shot. A mighty fine investment.