more films at embarcadero belle and obvious child

I’ve fallen in love with the Embarcadero Center Cinema as of late. In just a period of a week, I’ve been there about 4 times. Originally, I went on a Sunday to watch Obvious Child, because I loved the trailer and found that dark humor super appealing, but ended up watching Belle because the screening lounge was already full. Pro tip: buy your tickets in advance, especially for movie times that are in the screening lounges because they’ll sell out and then you’ll have to watch a different movie!

Belle was fascinating and reminded me of Pride and Prejudice meets Amistad. I don’t normally watch movies that are inspired by a true story; I can’t remember the last time I watched one, but Belle¬†was wonderful. It instantly transported me to another time and touched on issues that I have both never faced and never really thought about: bi-racialism, ownership, and the etiquette of that century. I sat there with a big bag of buttered popcorn and an Icee, with my mouth open, just enjoying the cinematography and story. I went in with no expectations and was presently surprised. I highly recommend this film. Here’s the trailer:

Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate was epic! It was the film I’ve been looking forward to seeing because, although it’s a rom-com, it seemed to me to be a raw and unfiltered one. Side note, I ended up sitting in the regular theater to watch this one on a Thursday morning, just three of us taking up the entire place. It was relaxing to say the least.¬†This time, I opted for a hot dog and a root beer to share and that worked out perfectly. Back to the film though: it brilliantly captured the essence of awkward and the uncertainty of both life and love. It was vulgar, it was dark, and it was funny, but most of all, it depicted a struggling stand-up comedian’s life and how she grapples with pregnancy. It seems to be an awkward dance to the finish, although sometime drawn out. If you like quirky, real, and Juno, I think you’ll appreciate the entirety of this film. Plus, Jenny Slate is just hilarious. Trailer below: