Hello there. I'm Vince.

BA in Communications and minor in Education
passionate about social media, PR, food, education, writing, photography, and customer service.



Where would we be without people? People are important - forming meaningful, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationships is my thing. Whether in work, play, or love, we should be human-centric. Alone, I can only do so much. So how 'bout we connect?

Camera Stuff

Photography, cinematography, and film. No, I don't speak the lingo and I can't really tell you anything technical, but I am curiousenough to get results. Experimentation will either help you hone your skills and grow or...get you killed. To h3ll with it - take a risk!


I'm a sucker for fountain pens, inks, and notebooks. I'm also really picky about my writing equipment. With all that snootiness out of the way, I have to tell you, I loveto write: reflections, thoughts, observations, essays, stories - you name it.

Favorite Shots

If dogs could speak. Atwater, CA. 50mm 1/125 f1.8 ISO100

She'd probably tell you it was really hot that day and that she enjoyed the photoshoot. I've fallen in love with this picture, although I didn't think much of it when I took it. I printed this shot on the back of my business cards and I've had to reorder ... twice. What a beauty!

beautiful dog
Long Exposure Rocks

And the Mist flows over the rocks. Sutro Baths, SF, CA 18-55mm 225" f16 ISO400

I can't afford a ND filter, so I went over to Airgas and bought a welding glass replacement and taped it onto a cheap filter. There I sat, on the beach, with my tripod, camera bag, a thermos full of coffee, and the silly welding glass. It may have been a funny sight, but I got the results that I was looking for - a daytime long exposure. B&W

Lights and shadows. SF, CA 18-55mm 1/200 f8 ISO100

I like caffeine. I live to drink coffee. I went over to Saint Frank about a week after they opened and came up with this shot. It wasn't even my latte, but the sun was shining bright through a gigantic window, which cast some great shadows. I snapped it pretty much as the foam was falling apart. Any longer and the design would have been ruined. This is my lesson in lights and shadows.

Drink at Saint Frank

Work History



2008 - Present

Why did you join the military? Everyone seems to want to know why. I wish I had a real solid answer for you. I could sit here and preach about duty and patriotism, but it's really about connecting with American history and helping others - contributing with everything I have to offer.

teamwork, leadership, followership
promptness, honesty, respect
maintenance, security, data entry
Tender Greens

Tender Greens

Busser, Prep Cook, Saladmaker, Grill, & Carving
2014 - Present

People and Food. The best way to touch people is through good food and drink. I love food. It's my first foray into the restaurant world and I'm glad Tender Greens decided to invest in me. The restaurant business is nourishing to the soul and mind, forces you to grow, and is in the business of providing happiness. That's why I do what I do.

food preparation, customer service, cooking
food runner, bussing, fry cook
kitchen etiquette, grill, salads
Third Workplace

Third Workplace

Guest Services
2013 - Present

I greet people. I love my job. Sure, you can pass it off as a part-time job with no benefits and measly pay, but I like to look at it as doing something I enjoy: meeting people. You never know who is going to walk through the door. I wake up in the morning just so I can find out.

organization, scheduling, communication
hosting, greeting, customer service
concierge, information desk, IT

San Francisco Zoo

Summer Floater Intern

Who doesn't love animals? I owe a lot to the Zoo and to the people I met and worked with there. I've always loved animals, but it was the staff at the zoo, more specifically, the people over at the Animal Resource Center, who forced me to put myself out there. It's where I learned that I loved people too.

animal husbandry, public speaking, training
show host, guest services, volunteer supervision
education, environmental stewardship, tours



  • Guest services Adv.
  • Public speaking Adv.
  • Crafting content Int.
  • Local marketing Nov.
  • Teaching & education Int.
  • Customer engagement Adv.


  • CSS & HTML Int.
  • Social Media & SEO Int.
  • Digital best practices Adv.
  • Content Management Adv.
  • Setup & configurations Adv.


  • Web design Int.
  • Photography Adv.
  • Graphic design Adv.
  • Cinematography Int.
  • Digital manipulation Adv.
  • Logo and branding Int.


Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Premiere, & After Effects
Microsoft Office Suite
Wordpress & Joomla
Google apps, analytics, & advanced search

Vincent Tang
San Francisco, CA