grow the seed modern farmer

I urge you to become a farmer – a caretaker of life. Plant a good seed in your mind and let it grow. Give it water and nourishment so that it may flourish. Even if you can’t see it and even if it hasn’t sprouted, know that it is there and that one day, it will grow tall and mighty.

Remember that seed in your mind as you live your life. Learn how to have hope. If you must, give the seed a name to remember it by. Whatever you do, don’t forget to feed it. Give it knowledge in vast amounts. Feed it facts and history. I hear that sometimes, seeds take to creativity and art. It’ll grow with you – this seed in your mind – and it’ll take on whatever qualities you want it to. Just like grapes taste different according to region, your seed will grow according to how you live your life and how you care for it.

You could forget about it, if you really wanted to – then your seed will rot. It will be forgotten, and it will be a dark, dark seed, destined to never sprout. So, I beg of you to feed that seed. Give it love, life, morals, beliefs, and things to do. Let it know the world and tell it of all your stories.

And when you grow weary, just slow down. Start to wean it off your care. It will sprout. It will give life and use everything you ever taught it to grow magnificent. As magnificent as the person who nourished it. And as your body starts to become frail with age or when your mind is troubled, the seed you cared for so long ago will take care of you. Breathe deeply and bathe yourself in its embrace. It will impart knowledge that you imparted on it. All the memories, it will feed back to you. And it will be a magnificent reflection of you and your life – the fruit it bears will be your nourishment and strength.

Don’t forget to, as you feed the seed in your mind, light a fire in your heart and don’t ever, EVER let it go out. The fire is your passion, your guiding light, your spunk, your fighting spirit and may it burn bright as the day you lit it.