Film and updates

I love you and I miss you. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here and right now, this feels right. I refuse to bore you all with the details and developments of my life. If you must know, just reach out to me. Otherwise, I’ll just pick up and continue as if nothing ever happened. Previously, I’ve posted a lot of my photography on this site because it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about. However, I’m cutting back on that a little bit because of my hectic schedule. I can’t even find time to post anymore!

I’ve also recently started which I humbly urge you to check out. It’s dedicated to my newfound love for analog photography. Let me give you a little brief: my uncle on my father’s side of the family is a professional photographer who specializes in taking pictures of tourists and printing them off at a little kiosk in Hong Kong. My father is an interesting man and loved photography as well. In addition to being a harsh critic of my work, he was the one who gave me the tools necessary to fall in love with taking photos. He gave me his old Minolta and from then on, I was always dreaming about using film, whether it be the 35mm format or something larger.

Recently, I bought a Canon AE-1, a few rolls of black and white film, and some darkroom supplies. I fully intended for these purchases to push me in the general way of analog photography, but it did something so much more for me. I connected with the art much more than I ever have before. I don’t know where exactly to attribute this connection, but I think it’s because my family members all used beautifully designed cameras that weren’t the digital kind of today. Not only did I connect to it, but it came to life for me. I started to see things differently in my mind’s eye. Even though the world around me is in color, I started to see in black and white. The things that started standing out to me were unique textures, shapes, patterns, symmetry, movement, juxtapositions, and most importantly, contrasting light. Before I would see pops of color, but now, those days are mostly behind me and I have a greater appreciation for the world around me.

I now develop my own film at home and it’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes I’ll forget what I have taken pictures of and am surprised after I pull the negatives out of my development tank. I know this is just the beginning of my foray into film photography. As they say, long live film. Ever since I started using film, I’ve noticed that I take fewer pictures, compose a whole lot better, and haven’t touched my DSLR in months. Hopefully, I’ll move on from black and white and start to develop my own color film. After I can successfully develop color film at home, I’ll move on and get some medium format gear. This is key to my growth as a photographer. As of now, I’ll concentrate on practicing. I’m headed off to Portland in a few days and I’m bringing my Canon with me. Who knows. I might even end up buying a camera there. I’m excited to experience the Portland vibe and take a ton of pictures. After that, I have a few important topics to talk about here, so stay tuned: *hint* it’s about our food system and waste.