I’ve talked a little bit about the things I carry with me on a daily basis in my about page, but I thought I’d expand on it a bit here and put in some pictures. I am not a minimalist, although I do have aspirations to consolidate all the junk I have and simplify. I don’t have enough simple in my life. I’ve accumulated a lot of junk in my 23 years of life, mostly during my college years. I have already streamlined a bit, but when I get my own place, it has gotta be minimalistic, with the bare essentials. It’s a lot of work and I’ll need a drastic attitude shift to get there, but it’ll happen.

I’m big on being prepared and so that’s why I’m a semi-hoarder. I like being able to have things for emergencies. After all, who knows when you’ll need something?

Keeping all that in mind, you can see how it has influenced the items I carry on my persons. Since I find myself lost and alone in a lot of situations, traveling far and wide to try coffee, I like to be prepared. I have several first aid kits in my truck with various pills, bandages, and ointments. I also have a short-term survival pack as well, but I still carry several things on my persons. Here’s my every day carry, the short and sweet edition, but slightly expanded from my about page:

  1. A thick leather bifold wallet with a card sleeve by Fossil. It’s nothing too fancy – its just a great worn out brown that I feel comfortable with. I’m still from the school of keeping a wallet in the back right pocket, instead of a really slim card case or money clip. My wallet is bursting with membership cards, bank cards, some cash, and various forms of ID in the sleeve. I like that sleeve because I know exactly where my identification is. I basically have everything I need to get by in there. Just as a note, sometimes on long drives, I’ll take the wallet out of my back pocket and place it on the dash. This prevents any unnecessary butt pains and since it’s on the dash, I won’t forget to take it on the way out of the vehicle.
  2. A guardian brand one hand operated pocket knife with a clip. I like knives. You can find out more about my knife philosophy in this post. A sharp knife might save lives and this guardian stays in my front right pocket. I think a clip is very important so you can clip it to the pocket.
  3. Chapped lips are pretty gross, so I carry a mini Vaseline lip balm. San Francisco sucks my lips dry, especially after I have a long and involved conversation.
  4. Sometimes I need a hanky and so I carry a handkerchief in my front right pocket. Simple white with no frills, but there you have it. I also carry some loose coins in the same pocket. Damn the SF meters.
  5. A tactical pen by Humvee clipped to my front left pocket. It served two purposes: as an accompaniment to a writing pad and as a defensive weapon. Although I’ve never had to use it, I walk around feeling just dandy that I have it.
  6. I’m full of ideas and my mind goes a million miles a minute so I carry a notepad in my back left pocket. I tend to forget things unless I write them down. A notepad is my go to for all kinds of random thoughts and to-dos. It goes wherever my tactical pen goes and fills up quick.
  7. A watch and cell phone: both self-explanatory. At the moment, my phone is a dumb-phone, but it serves its purpose. I choose between two watches: my Smith & Wesson analog and my Pebble smartwatch. It’s all about telling time with the watch. Whatever works.
  8. My friend made me a paracord bracelet and I wear it on my right wrist all the time. I hope I never have to unravel it for anything because I want to wear it for as long as possible. If I need it, I have it.
  9. I carry a eatn’tool and a little mini roll of duct tape with my keys. I mainly use the eatn’tool for the spork at the end and the bottle opener, but I have used it a few times as a pry tool and a flathead screwriver. Great addition to the tools I can carry on me.
  10. I have allergies and when I had a smartphone, I programed all that stuff in for first responders, but I aso wear my dogtags because it is accessible and it won’t die on me. I wear it all the time around my neck. Simple and gets the job done.
  11. I carry my Gerber multi-tool in its pouch on my right hand side. I’m right-handed, so I can reach down to my hip, un-velcro the pouch and operate my tool with one hand. I don’t even want to go over the tool in this because it is so epically awesome. Maybe I’ll do a post on it soon.

Check out the gallery below:

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