dreaming of love the imagination

Photo by Staffage via: kaboompics.com

Photo by Staffage via: kaboompics.com

We should all dream and we should, at some point, all dream about love. We’re not setting high expectations or even idealizing relationships. We’re just using our imaginations because sometimes, the imagination is all we have. We’re all just dreaming of love. This brings me back to what Victor E. Frankl says about finding meaning in life. When the odds are against us and we come face to face with immense suffering or unbearable grief, we dream. We dream of better days ahead and hold onto hope. Hope is the intangible force that keeps us hanging on and moving forward, with faith driving our feelings and actions. I think most people have a vision of what love looks and feels like, even if it is based on unrealistic fantasies. Fantasies, hopes, dreams, and visions of love are simple manifestations of subconscious erotic and neurotic desires. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that media turns our desires into a dramatic visual on screen. In effect, as a society, we’re taught to believe that love should feel a certain way and that certain actions are romantic while others are not only unromatic, but hindrances to love and budding relationships. I have my own dream and vision of an “ideal” love, but read it with this in mind: an ideal love is not necessarily a happy one, nor is it always the right one. It is the fictional one that we can escape to in times of need, when our lives become inundated with stress, responsibilities, expectations, fights, and synergistic effects of everyday troubles.

The love I want and desire might not be the love I need. I’m the last person who knows what I truly want out of a relationship. Still, a man can dream, and a man can want.

I dream of adventures into the unknown and hard places – the kind of places that you don’t go into alone. You go to these places with someone you can trust and rely on. I want to explore, take pictures, meet new people, and hermit with someone who has our best interests at heart. It is not a I, but rather, a we. I want to poke at, prod at, and tear apart the veils we hide behind. Instead of hiding them, I want to pull the insecurities out, invalidate them, and grow. I want so much in my dreams, but here’s a start – just the beginnings to an endless desire that will wane and restart as the challenges, trials, and joys of life barrel down on me.

I want to frolic and play like a child.
I want everything in the world to stop and all movement to cease 
     when we're together.
I want to be comfortable.
But I want to be put in uncomfortable situations.
I want to really live, with you by my side.
I want to speak and for you to hear, without ever saying a word. 
     Just look into my eyes and read my soul.
I want to love and show you. It's as simple as that.