Shattering Assumptions

After I watched this brief video, I found myself thinking about assumptions, photography, and perspectives. I love when things make me think and I try to read a lot for that purpose and surround myself with thinkers. Nothing quite beats discovering unique perspectives, especially if they are drastically different than your own. Photography is very much perspective based and Aaron does a great job talking about shattering assumptions. Photographing people, things, objects, and places is all about perspective in the artistic sense and in the emotional sense. We’re being taken on an adventure.


C.S. Lewis

Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.

– C.S. Lewis


It’s a powerful quote and one that resonates with me. My mother was fond of giving me the silent treatment and since then, I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with it. As they say, sometimes silence says more than words. Silence is ambiguous; it can be a loving silence, a caring silence, a cold silence, or even an uncaring silence. The worst part about silence? You don’t really know which one it is and we tend to assume the worst. That’s where communication comes in. There’s nothing worse than silence. I know.


Stephen R. Covey

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are — or, as we are conditioned to see it. When we open our mouths to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions, our paradigms.

-Stephen R. Covey

What do I take away from this quote? It’s all about perspectives. What we bring to the world is a reflection of us, so always choose your words wisely and think before you speak. When we speak, we’re not being objective; we never are. It’s always tainted and marred by our own perspectives. Keep that in mind every time someone says something to you or every time you say something to another.


Penny For Your Thoughts

I’ve been trying real hard to express this for a while. I remember telling someone this twice, but we never reached any sort of understanding. Gemineye does this beautifully. Sometimes you really like someone’s mind; someone’s inside. It becomes really important.


Veteran’s Transformation

This powerful and inspirational time-lapse shows the transformation of a homeless veteran. Not only does it make a statement toward the cause, but it also echoes some of the points I’ve made previously on this blog. The transformation is not only impressive – it is life-changing. All this happened through outward looks, which goes to prove that we do judge books by their covers. We do it all the time, even though we know we shouldn’t.