pinhole and temescal snaps

It was a great weekend and I went over to pinhole and Temescal. First, let me say a few things about a planner that I picked up for a few dollars at Muji in San Francisco. My sister really wanted to go to Muji and I followed along. In the end, I wound up buying a nice shirt and also the monthly planner. It was affordable and I think is a great way to have a hard copy of my month. Temescal was fun, like usual. We visited the usual suspects: Curbside Creamery and the cro cafe. Earlier this week I hit up pinhole (which I had been keeping an eye on for a few weeks now). Suffice to say, I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Who can resist the delicious coffee and beautiful decor?!

and another weekend gone adventures

There goes another weekend, but this one was entirely eventful. I had a list from last weekend to work off of, but even though I didn’t manage to get to all of the places I had in mind, I was satisfied that I knocked one place off the list. I took a stroll down Union Street in San Francisco on my way to Wrecking Ball Coffee Roaster’s new cafe. and passed by a flower shop with ridiculously beautiful flowers. If you’ve never experienced Wrecking Ball, you’re missing out, so I urge you to go and go soon. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Nick Cho making your drink – savor that moment.
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projects galore little things

I’m not much of an artist, but I really wanted to make use of several items I received or had laying around. As a huge fan of upcycling, I decided to make it a point to utilize as many items as I could. Old specimen bottles. A $2 wooden picture from from the thrift store. Specimen tins. Small nightstand. $8 Sears typewriter.

a late weekend post valencia

I didn’t have solid plans last weekend, but I did have soft plans to wander. It’s not that I don’t like making grand plans, but I would rather flow like water and blow like the breeze. I don’t like to be put in a rigid and constrictive flow. So when my tentative plans fell through, I decided I wanted to drink some tea and head over to the Treasure Island Flea. After drinking my chai and rosie palmer over at Samovar Tea Lounge, I still had time to waste before the market opened. I wandered up the avenues and to my surprise discovered a few sights that spoke to me. A locked spigot, because srsly guys there’s a drought in CA. A vibrant payphone that had a dial tone. Tape art with quips and quotes on the ground. My reflection in a wall multiplied by 3. I have found myself and my spirit and I’m not letting go.

revisiting the old bringing the new

After a fairly grueling work week, I had a few experiences which redefined the way I look at things. Sadly, the shutter count on my camera only increased slightly and I don’t have much work to show for it. I revisited the old friends and values I thought were lost to me.

Again, I had a nice conversation with Bob over at the Temescal Community Foundation, albeit a short one. I’m tired of writing. I have a long post coming up in the next few hours and that has sapped my energy, so let me just leave you with a set of words. These words either rolled through my mind or relate to how I spent my weekend, so cheers and have a fantastic work week:

nostalgia, friendship, ice cream, thrifting, short hair, skull rings, beach, ocean, water, perspectives, assumptions, love, relationships, connections, communication, vegan, wood, mirrors, food, mediterranean, falafel, hummus, sunflowers, mind blown, coffee, cold brew, furniture, pineapples, juice, flat tires, life, nature, dog poop, museums, happiness, learning, music, country roads, horse poop, dense fog, self-love, beauty, quality over quantity, photography, story-telling.

weekend explorations to be thrifty

I did a little bit of exploration the past weekend. It was a soul-searching experiment and a chance for me to experience things with nothing but my own thoughts and feelings to guide me. It was spectacular. Sometimes all you need is peace and quite, with no other influence other than your own telling you what to do. I live for that feeling because it’s both empowering and soothing. That said, I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and getting lost through the streets of Albany, Berkeley, and Oakland.

I discovered the Temescal Community Foundation, housed in an old chocolate factory. I recommend a visit if only just to trade stories with Bob – he’s warm, cheerful, and friendly. Love it. I picked up two antique keys and a picture frame because they called out to me. Next stop: Curbside Creamery and their new location in Temescal Alley – I went for a cookie sandwich. Along the way, I also discovered the East Bay Depot for Creative Resuse – a treasure trove of awesome things. There I picked up 5 lens wipes, two old floppy disks (one with photoshop loaded on it), an ink eradicator that is out of production, and red and white tape for my typewriter. All in all – good finds that just called out to me.

gallery update photos

I’ve added a few backlogged photos from my archives into the gallery. Too lazy to go there and look? No worries, I have them right here for you:

I’ve moved on from black and white editing to more of a faded matte/fashion-style editing. I think i’ll be on this phase for a while, but I hope it tickles your fancy like it does mine.