My Timbuk2 is starting to wear on me. I’m beginning to feel like I’m unbalanced because of the one-sided strap. Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to bags; small forces you to be smart and efficient. It’s one of those reasons why I think everyone should be broke at one point or another in their life – dire needs and lack of resources fosters efficiency, creativity, and a can-do attitude. Anyway, I made most of these purchases a while ago, but I wanted to do a quick rundown of what I carry in my bag when I’m not carrying the hefty Timbuk2. My bag EDC:Bag EDC

The bag. I opted for a leather flap CitySlicker MacBook Case from WaterField designs $149 and opted for an extra carry handle +$10 and a Suspension strap mini +$22. It’s by far one of my smartest purchases. Looks can be deceiving and this bag carries a whole lot more than it looks like it can. The strap is comfy and the carry handle makes it easy to carry around when I’m tired of having it on your shoulder or in crowded situations like public transportation.

The 15” Retina Macbook Pro is my choice of computing device. I never thought I’d be able to afford one of these babies, but after my last laptop up and died, I went over to the Apple store and walked out with a huge box. I also bought a cheap plastic case for it – protection is key. I’ve invested a lot of money into this thing in terms of software and hardware, so I want it safe and sound. The CitySlicker is padded from top to bottom, so I rest easy. I also carry the charger with me in the bag and I have several stickers from my favorite companies: Trouble Coffee Co., Foursquare, ITS Tactical, and Doane Paper.

The Magic Mouse $69. I desperately needed a reliable wireless mouse for editing videos and pictures. I didn’t really feel like lugging along a dongle either, so I opted for an Apple product. They got me at multi-touch! Like most Apple products, the mouse just works and I love the support for multi-touch gestures.

A SanDisk cruzer 4 GB flash drive. I don’t store too much on it, but it’s useful for transferring large files over slow Internet. I have it formatted so that it works for both Mac and Windows, since I ran into an issue a while ago with compatibility. 4 GB isn’t a lot, but it gets the job done. I also use it as a small backup device and I have a document in there with my information labeled “IF FOUND” – just in case I misplace it.

My personal cards from Moo. I’ve written about them before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I love the quality and durability of these cards. I always carry a few big ones and a few minis with me in my Moleskine notebook, which I’m about to get into.

This Moleskine is really small, but it serves it’s purpose. I mainly use it to jot down quick ideas during transit or when pulling out a larger notebook would be an inconvenience. It comes with a little pocket in the back and I use that to store my Moo cards.

I also carry an Apica, which I’ve previously covered. It’s small and thin and takes fountain pen ink like a champ – at least Aurora Black from a Noodler’s Ahab pretty well. I can write and write and probably never run out of room for at least a while. Apica makes great notebooks. I’m waiting to order a larger version that I can take with me. I’ve most recently started carrying my Doane Paper Idea Journal in the CitySlicker just because it’s a whole lot more versatile than the Apica. Apica, I still love you. You’re like my best friend – I’m just hanging out with Doane Paper a little more right now.

Pens! I carry my trusty fountain pen: the Noodler’s Ahab with Aurora Black ink and a flex nib for everyday writing. That’s why I always make sure I have a notebook that takes fountain pen ink with no problems. I also carry a Jetstream 5-in-1 pen that sports various colors and a lead pencil. One of my close friends got this for me a long time ago and it’s always a pleasure to use. When I’m writing on other people’s papers, I use it in place of fountain because I don’t always know how their paper will take the ink. This pen is also loaded with sentimental value and hails all the way from San Jose; therefore it’s priceless.

That’s my carry for a normal workday that doesn’t involve any picture-taking. I’ve borrowed my friend’s little point and shoot because it’ll fit into the CitySlicker and my DSLR won’t. I’m also eyeing the Chrome Niko Pack because it’ll fit my Macbook, DSLR, and accessories. That’ll probably be my next bag purchase and will replace my current camera bag.