anatomy of this man.

      Eyes to see events and patterns.                The colors as they come alive.
       Every flicker of light - twitch               of a dog’s whisker; burned in.
        They’re sensitive - the windows             unto which he feel life around.
          Ears to hear the sounds around          be it danger or his given name.
            And lips made to pucker; lips made to kiss; lips made for a straw.
	      A tongue to taste the intricacies of cooking. A tongue to feel 
	       - the burn of a hot beverage or the icy, sharp pain of cold.
	        Sometimes a wicked, lashing tongue to stand up in talk.
	          Hands not soft, but not rough - to do work and create.
		 to grasp a camera; lift a chair; sweep her off her feet.
		    fingers to hold the pen and fingers to type prose.
		    Fingers to firmly grasp a knife and fingers to tie
		      knots and straps (or untie them) - “in bed”.
		        Hands to protect, not fight. Hands to heal.
			A mind to think and grow - to learn and
			  UNDERSTAND. A mind to mold and also
			    a mind to prevent from moulding.
			     fearless heart to nourish love.
			       The same heart to be given.
			         The heart that beats and
			          sustains life; have it
			            torn out - broken.
			      	     A heart to heal.	
			               All in sync.
                                        One place
                                          In me.