Life is tough.

Sometimes life is tough and we just have to deal with it. When you feel like you’re suffocating and you’re running out of air, what do you do? Do you know that one person who gets you through it?

Decisiveness and speaking your mind.

Decisiveness and speaking your mind might just go hand in hand. The issue of decisiveness versus indecisiveness is a topic that has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions, but one that I have yet to address. There is nothing wrong with indecisiveness – rather, it is a way of life. It ensures that we live ours to the fullest. Decisiveness gives us the power to commit and stand behind our choices, whether they’re right or wrong. So really…why does it matter if we appear, on the outside, decisive or not? This is all society’s doing.

Temple Coffee

Temple Coffee

I went to Temple in Sacramento and was treated to this sight. Not only was the coffee pretty spectacular, but I enjoyed the decor. There was a lot of brick, wood, and metal. It was well-lit and it was a pretty nice day outside. I snapped this picture using the built in monochrome setting on my Canon.

The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

- G. K. Chesterton

→ March 20, 2014



This is how I do a setup for a natural backdrop. I love taking product photos on a bed of needles, with a couple of branches and other various fodder. Sure, I could have done the same thing outside in the natural environment, but now that I have all these needles and branches, I can pull them out whenever I want, even if the lighting or weather isn’t good enough for it outside.

Little Things

It’s the little things

It’s all in the little things. They might not seem like much, but the cumulative effect is drastic. Even then, apart, as a standalone item, one of these things means a lot more to me than the rest. It’s all in the value we place on them.