a coffee weekend fourbarrel

I went to work in the restaurant this weekend and my shift started at 4:15 on both days so I had a little time to walk around. I didn’t want to lug my camera around both days, so I decided to take it out with me on Saturday and wound up taking these three pictures at Fourbarrel, one of my favorite places for coffee in San Francisco (especially early in the morning before the crowd has had a chance to awaken from their slumber). Something just drew me to the way people were using the coffeeshop so early in the morning and I had to take a snapshot of this. I’m still working on taking pictures of people and I think this is a good start.

Sunday was nice, hot, and mellow. I ended up going to Gracias Madres, back to Fourbarrel, and then finally to Bi-rite Creamery. I’m waiting to try Minako, which we put off for Cha-ya last time, but I think that’ll be next on the list. Can’t wait to try it out and please, look for that weekend’s gallery!

my dearest muse i write this for you

We’re nothing but cockroaches on this planet. The scourge of the Earth, if you will. You might think that’s negative, but let me assure you, I am by no means a negative person. I’m the type that believes the glass is always completely full because a refill is coming. In that sense, I’m an endless optimist. At the same time, I am an endless optimist who is skeptical of the infinite – meaning that I know there will come a point in time when I won’t be getting a refill. My opinions have always been informed by this principle. I keep my outlook about 99% positive and top it off with a 1% margin of error for things going awry. Disappointment rarely gets to me because I have already predicted it. But I digressed somewhere far from where I wanted to be in this post.

Let’s go back to the cockroaches. We’re nothing but cockroaches – a little blip in Earth’s grandiose history. You know how cockroaches never really go away? No matter how hard you try to get rid of them? They say that cockroaches will outlive everything if there was a nuclear strike or catastrophe. I believe it; they’re hardy and numerous. Humans are the same way. We’re little blips and relatively unimportant. Here’s the thing: a cockroach might not be good for much besides causing a child to freak out or getting a restaurant shut down, but a team of cockroaches? They can leave a trail of destruction behind. It’ll get dirty, nasty, and plain old disgusting. We can learn a thing or two from cockroaches: when we team up, we can make an incredible impact on whatever we set our minds to. It is totally up to us whether we push things toward a negative direction or a positive direction.

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eating, dining, service, and experience a melting pot



I’m almost 25 years old. In that time, I’ve put a lot of things in my mouth (what an unfortunate way of wording things). I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing dozens on dozens of different cuisines. Of the restaurants, eateries, cafes, and food trucks I have been to, I’ve had many delectable eats and some not-so wonderful eats. I’ve always wondered about the food industry. How does the magic happen and how do the pieces of the puzzle fit together? What differentiates a good restaurant from one that fails to meet expectations?

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swon brothers pretty beautiful

I stumbled on this beautiful song by The Swon Brothers. I love the lyrics and what it means, because it made me feel. It is almost a direct reflection of some of the feelings that I have. My favorite:

It ain’t what you’re wearing, or those diamond eyes, It’s the heart that you carry deep inside.

Physical beauty is a strong draw, but your clothes will change. They will tatter and they will break. They will stain and they will fade. Even diamond eyes will wear with time, but your heart, if it is pure, true, and beautiful, will not.

to the girl who doesn’t believe i do

 When I read your writing, I forget to breathe:

	I’m caught up in a whirlwind of imagination;

	Longing for more character, and more of what you have to
	victim and slave to your own mind and thoughts,
	every "flaw", carefully scrutinized, although unwarranted.

	You’re strong - capable of anything, but you don’t believe;
	only looking at weakness, perpetuating the self-doubt;
	understand that you are the best version of you right now.

We all doubt ourselves, but when you ONLY listen to that voice, you become
		a reflection of your worst self. 
I know that is not true. 
I can see the confident, proud, and self-sufficient girl inside,
when I look into your eyes. 
Why else would I shy away from looking into them?
It is too much for me - my ma always said "never look at the sun."
She also told me to say what I feel.
The way I feel about you is written into this piece. 
Strong, like the first letter of every line.

a weekend of memories alleyways and new worlds

I pretty much had a one day weekend, or at least in my mind I believe I only had one day. I worked nights on Saturday, but during the day I managed to make it out to the Mission and had some Mexican food as well as some coffee from Linnea Cafe, one of my favorite coffee spots in the city. They have chairs and tables now! Woohoo! If you want to explore some more of my favorite haunts, feel free to take a look at the foursquare list of places to get caffeinated in the Bay Area.

But the day I really want to talk about was Sunday. The title of this post is no accident (things rarely are with me – I’m a very deliberate kind of fellow). We started off at our favorite coffee roaster in San Francisco. Did you say Fourbarrel? That’s right. There was a repurposed, wooden, ironing board out topped with sugar, creamer, and lids. The alleyway was amazing to say the least and made for a great backdrop. I could write blog post after blog post about her, so I’ll make this one short and sweet. My model for the day runs A Cup Of Joan. She’s a talented writer, storyteller, wordsmith, photographer, baker, accomplished cook, in-the-shower singer, dancer, actress, face-stuffer, creative artist, interior designer, event coordinator, and coffee connoisseur. That’s just the beginning. Oftentimes you’ll find her in a cafe or coffeeshop writing about her passions in life, her own life, and delving into the complex nature of human beings. Her writing is as complex as her mind and her soul.

I took it upon myself to snap a ton of pictures because I haven’t had time to do that in a while and practice is vital if you want to stay in touch with your creative side. I was struck by and in love with what she was wearing and how she looked, so I documented it. Shoes – check. Reflection – check. OOTD on a milk create – check. Then there’s my all-time favorite: the one with her in all her glory. She’s a darling and beautiful as they come.

We stopped by Samovar Tea Lounge for a rosie palmer, then hit up Arizmendi Bakery before heading over to Bi-rite Creamery for some vegan ice cream. It was delicious, especially because it was so hot in San Francisco over the weekend. I opted for the addition of walnuts – I was craving some nutty flavor in my ice cream – wish granted. Our last stop was Gracias Madre – tacos, pico de gallo, and guacamole: everything was fresh as can be. As my friend described it – once we stepped inside the gates at Gracias Madre, it was like we were transported to a different world. And like most things with her, I humbly agree.

I almost forgot: props to the baker for the pear walnut muffin with figs on top. Delicious.

I made great memories this weekend.

let’s get social oh badges

I haven’t done any site updates in a while. Life has kept me pretty busy. I’ve been learning new things and picking up with old interests that I didn’t know I would ever be picking up. This weekend, I took the time to put in a few little tidbits just to spice it up a bit. That’s one thing I love about building websites. I get to own my work and style it exactly the way I want. If I can’t figure out how to do it using the CSS and HTML that I already know, I look it up and in this way, I can learn while doing. I’ve written extensively on that topic and don’t want to bore you with it, but what matters is that I make little additions to the site that don’t seem like much in the beginning, but always add up synergistically for mass effect.

social media icons

at the bottom of my “about me” page

I’ve been slowly working on a video for my about me page, but work has been grueling. Anyone who has done any sort of editing knows how time-consuming and energy intensive the process is, not to mention filming everything alone is difficult enough. I came up with these social links as an add-on while I bide my time. I’m spread out all over social media and don’t check everything ALL THE TIME, but I do check them every once in a while. Adding these icons and links serve as a resource for people who do want to dig a little deeper and it’ll be mostly hidden for people who are on the site for a purpose and aren’t looking to connect elsewhere.

footer changes

footer changes

I’ve also put the same series of social icons and links down in my footer. It’ll show up on every single 415vince.com page so the option is there should anyone see it and want to explore. Lastly, I LOVE BADGES. I remember when I used to use them all the time in my HTML-only sites to advertise the fact that it was W3C compliant or that I used GIMP and Photoshop in the making of the site. I like to let people know how I went about doing something, because I’m all about the spirit of collaboration and education. As an ode to badges, I’ve embedded these hilarious ones at the bottom, courtesy of For The Badge. Check them out. Those are the changes and that’s all for now folks!

I’m working on a couple of posts. Topics are: sustainability, feminism, and homelessness. Three hot issues and I’ll talk about what I know and hopefully there’ll be things I don’t know that you all can educate me about.

Also coming soon, an update to my ever popular bullet journal post and the latest developments.